Within Team Babytank we put a lot of emphasis on structure and quality. As you might have read on our website, our instructors train with some of the best instructors in the world, like Rickson Gracie, Demian Maia, Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro and offcourse Harold Harder. To make sure that all this knowledges gets transferred to our students, we follow the Babytank Curriculum.

Our members reguster for each class, therefore we know exactly what your knowledge and development is towards your next belt.

Takedowns & self-defense will be covered each week!

The Babytank Curriculum is planned as follows:
Week 1 Side mount
Week 2 Mount
Week 3 Cross side
Week 4 Knee on belly & Questions
Week 5 Backmount
Week 6 Turtle
Week 7 Closed Guard
Week 8 Open guard (standing)
Week 9 Halfguard & Questions
Week 10 Leg attacks
Week 11 Side mount
Week 12 Mount
Week 13 Cross side
Week 14 Knee on belly & Questions
Week 15 Backmount
Week 16 Turtle
Week 17 Closed Guard
Week 18 Open guard (standing)
Week 19 Halfguard & Questions
Week 20 Leg attacks
Week 21 Side mount
Week 22 Mount
Week 23 Cross side
Week 24 Knee on belly & Questions
Week 25 Backmount
Week 26 Turtle
Week 27 Closed Guard
Week 28 Open guard (standing)
Week 29 Halfguard & Questions
Week 30 Leg attacks
Week 31 Side mount
Week 32 Mount
Week 33 Cross side
Week 34 Knee on belly & Questions
Week 35 Backmount
Week 36 Turtle
Week 37 Closed Guard
Week 38 Open guard (standing)
Week 39 Halfguard & Questions
Week 40 Leg attacks
Week 41 Side mount
Week 42 Mount
Week 43 Cross side
Week 44 Knee on belly & Questions
Week 45 Backmount
Week 46 Turtle
Week 47 Closed Guard
Week 48 Open guard (standing)
Week 49 Halfguard & Questions
Week 50 Leg attacks
Week 51 Side mount
Week 52 Mount