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We are a BJJ team in which respect, fun and sportmanship are key. This means that within our BJJ team you’ll find both competition fighters as recreational fighters, each and everybody with his or her own goals. Head instructor is Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven, a Blackbelt under Rickson Gracie and Harold Harder. Read more about Rickson Gracie.

Team Babytank is a proud member of European Grappling & Jiu Jitsu Federation, a foundation that makes the BJJ community a professional one. They organise seminars, special classes, education and build a strong community.

Our instructors are certified by the EGJJF, FOG and NOC-NSF, which gives you the unique guarantee that you will learn in a professional environment.

Check out the video below (in Dutch) to get an idea of our classes:

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About Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven:

Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven has been training BJJ since 1999 under the guidance of Harold Harder. Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven started when he was only 13 years old as a lightweight. Being young, light and weak Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven learned the effectiveness of BJJ. On international seminars, tought by Harold Harder, Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven experienced how the techniques he learned helped him to submit opponents up to 130kg! By doing a lot of competitions (multiple European, Dutch, Benelux, German and Belgium champion in BJJ and Grappling) and promotion the ‘gentle art’ internationally Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven has the experience to create champions. Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven has prepared several well known fighters, such as Fedor Emilianenko, Antoni Hardonk, Bob Scheiber and Stefan Struve. Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven is also on of the official EGJJF instructors who gives seminars troughout whole Europe! To keep his knowledge updated, Michel ‘Babytank’ Verhoeven trains on a regular base with the best of the world like Rickson Gracie, Demian Maia and Saulo and Xande Ribeiro.

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